Test & Measurement Solutions

American Microwave Corporation

  • Custom Built Complex Integrated Microwave Assemblies Incorporating MMICs, FPGA Control, ICSq and SPI control busses. Chip and Wire construction.
  • Microwave Pin Diode and GaN MMIC switches, SPST through SP65T, low and high power up to 40 gHz. Several hundred different designs.
  • Pin Diode and MMIC based, broad, octave band and phase invariant step attenuators with variable, current, voltage, digital, and switched bit step control. 30 to 120 dB range. Several hundred designs.
  • Detector Log Video Amplifiers with excellent linear performance, 50 & 70 dB dynamic range and advanced CW immune circuitry

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Cascade Microtech

  • Probe Stations for Substrates, Photonics, Circuit Boards, Wafers 300mm
  • Proven Operating Software
  • Probes, Coaxial, Lightwave, Needle - dc to 200 GHz
  • Complete Online Product Guide with Accessories
  • MW Wafer Probe Stations
  • Infinity Probes to 100 GHz
  • Reliability Test Oven Systems

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Eastern Optx

  • High Performance Microwave Delay Lines
  • Radar Altimeter Test Sets
  • Multi-Radio Test Network Propagation Replicators
  • Transponder Test Sets
  • Multipath Simulators
  • Doppler Generators

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Exodus Advanced Communications

  • High Power Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) featuring module and system level options, LDMOS, GaN, GaAsFET discrete and Chip and Wire Hybrid technologies
  • High Power Ultra Broadband from 0.5 GHz to 26.5 GHz exceeding 500W
  • High Power Broadband  covering one octave through decades frequency ranges from 10 KHz to 24.5 GHz at power levels exceeding 500W for modules and 3KW for Systems
  • High Power Narrowband and Linear covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 45 GHz at power levels exceeding 1KW for Modules and 10KW for Systems
  • High Power Pulsed covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 12 GHz at power levels exceeding 1KW for Modules and 10 KW for systems
  • Other products available include High Power PIN diode SW’s, LNA’s and BUC’s

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In-Phase Technologies, Inc

  • Creative Test Systems for products operating in the Analog, Digital, RF, Microwave & Lightwave Domains
  • ATE
  • Build to Print
  • Cable Harnesses & Assemblies
  • Fiber Optic Products
  • Power Supplies

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JFW Industries

  • Specialists in Attenuators & RF Switching
  • Passive RF Components
  • Test Systems & Accessories

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Micro Precision Calibration

On-Site calibration at your facility

In-House Calibration at one of their 36 labs

Equipment Maintenance and Repair Support

Test Equipment Leasing and Sales

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Noise XT

  • PN 9000 - Phase Noise Test System
  • PN 9002 - Radar Pulse Stability Test System
  • DCNTS - Dual Core Phase Noise Test System - 2 - Channel Phase/Amplitude Noise Analyzer
  • RFS7608 - Pulse Measurement & Low Spur Analyzer
  • Residual Phase Noise
  • Absolute Phase Noise
  • AM Noise Test
  • Spectrum Analyzers

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Times Microwave Systems

PhaseTrack assemblies

·         50 ppm phase tracking, up to 80 GHz, 1.23 ns/ft delay

·         Semi-Rigid

·         SiO2 Semi Rigid

·         Pflex

Miltech assemblies

·         Rugged, low loss

·         18 GHz

·         Vapor sealed, braided Aramid outer jacket assemblies

·         MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104/2. 

·         Lightweight and Low smoke versions available

MAXGAIN assemblies

·         Ultra-low loss

·         50 GHz

·         Ultra-stable IL/VSWR with flexing, extremely flexible

Cable Harnesses

·         Bundled cables using M17, LMR, Low Loss Microwave, Video

·         shielding and special overbraids


·         Silverline, up to 110 GHz (VNA), phase and loss stable

·         TMTA adapters up to 18 GHz

·         Low PIM cable assemblies, jumpers and adapters, -160 dBc PIM

MIL/Tactical field deployable antenna feeder cables

·         QEAM/TCOM/LLSB

RF/Microwave Connectors

·         Blind mate

·         Self-Locking

·         High Density Multi-Port

·         MMP, M8, BMA

·         38999

·         50 ohm, low VSWR, up to 40 GHz

Lightning and Surge Protection

·         DC-7 GHz including various band specific models

·         DC Block/Pass models

·         Low PIM options

·         Universal bulkhead flange adaptor

·         Data line over voltage, DC protection and outdoor enclosure


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710 East Main Street // Moorestown, New Jersey 08057 // p. 800.861.7445
710 East Main Street // Moorestown, New Jersey 08057 // p. 800.861.7445