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Frequency Extenders / Millimeter Wave Solutions

  • Millimeter Wave VNA System (CobaltFx) – first mm-Wave frequency solution that can be built upon either a 9 GHz or a 20 GHz frequency extension compatible VNA up to 110 GHz
  • Frequency Extension for Vector Network Analyzers – industry leading millimeter wave S-parameter measurements between 40-500GHz
  • Antenna Measurement Frequency Extension Modules for extending frequency range of customer systems to 500GHz
  • Spectrum and Signal Analyzers Frequency Extension Systems to 170 GHz
  • Signal Generator Frequency Extender – conduct measurements from 40 – 500GHz
  • Frequency Extension Noise Figure Analyzers – Ka, U, V, E, W bands (26.5-170 GHz)
  • 5G Communication Extender
  • Passive Imaging & Radiometers
  • Frequency Extension Calibration Kits – Allows for a Full 12-term Port Calibration