Optical Solutions


Rugged Optical Components and Subsystems

  • Optical transceivers are ruggedized and designed to operate in harsh environments including Military Aerospace (Mil/Aero), Commercial Aerospace and other Industrial applications.

  • Interconnect products are made to meet and exceed industry certification including robust supply chain and manufacturing traceability.

  • Deliver portable and modular test and networking solutions. They provide a wide range of testing equipment to make inspection, testing, and certifying fiber optics easier.

  • Produce in-house optical sub-assembly products in its Fiber Optics Research Center of Excellence.


Optical Transport Solutions

  • RF/MMW over fiber up to 40 GHz + Band Specific Links
  • Unsurpassed SFDR, NF, OIP3 performance
  • Integral Pre/Post RF Amp Options
  • Fiber Optic Delay Lines
  • Stand Alone, 6 slot 1U, 16 slot 3U platforms
  • Large selection of ancillary products—RF/Optical SW, Splitters, VSAT 10MHz+LBand, Mux/De-Mux, Ethernet/RS Data, etc