FormFactor - RF Genius

Now you can have high performance, on-wafer S-parameter measurements at an affordable price, in a system that’s easy to purchase and doesn’t take up a lot of lab space. Introducing the New RFgenius S-Parameter educational kits; an entry level probing solution for universities and schools that has been completely validated and proven to deliver leading edge performance measurements.

Our RFgenius packages include all the critical components to make the measurements you want. Not only the probe station, probes, positioners, cables, calibration standards and calibration software but also the Vector Network Analyzer – an industry first. It’s not just a product bundle. In addition, we have characterized the envelope of performance to ensure you get the measurements you want. And to optimize your measurement, we have designed the system for ease of use and to minimize lab space; ergonomics to give the best possible measurement with easily accessible controls.