FormFactor - Summit 200

The new Cascade SUMMIT200 advanced probing system, is essential for collecting high accuracy measurement data as fast as possible.

Designed for R&D and device characterization/modelling applications, the SUMMIT200 enables precision electrical measurements over temperature for DC, RF, mmW and THz applications, with semi-automatic operation for fastest time to accurate data.

A new advanced 200 mm fast stage, high throughput test features, and a temperature range from ambient to 300°C, provides the core functionalities needed for the scientist or R&D and test engineer to get their job done fast.

The SUMMIT200 supports Contact Intelligence™ – a unique technology which guarantees to make and hold wafer contact with constant high quality. A powerful combination of innovative system design and state of the art image processing provides an operator-independent solution to achieve highly-reliable measurement data at any time.

With a wide range of applications, and upgrade paths to meet any future needs, the SUMMIT200 provides the most advanced 200 mm probe station platform for fast, high accuracy measurements for existing and future devices and ICs.