5G Infrastructure Solutions

EOX Sales represents leading manufacturers supporting the 5G infrastructure deployments.  Our solutions range from RF/MMW cabling to RFoF transport solutions.  We also provide real time portable analyzers and down converters along with filters/components and matrix switches, all in support of 5G....Read more

Test & Measurements Solutions

EOX Sales represents leading manufacturers of RF/Microwave, DC/AC and Optical Test Solutions. These products range from instruments that can measure Phase Noise to -190 dBc/Hz, to Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Quality Analyzers and Power Supplies. We also provide solutions so you can bring testing in the field to your bench, providing cost effective solutions for Air Interface Testing and Radar applications....Read more

Rack & Power Solutions

EOX Sales represents leading manufacturers of equipment racks, power supplies, power conditioning/switching and power distribution solutions. Product environments range from benign to highly ruggedized needs....Read more

Active/Passive Solutions

EOX Sales represents industry leaders in RF/Microwave, AC/DC Power and Optical components and subsystems. These products range from Amplification to Switching, filtering and conversion of the source. We offer the highest density in power per square inch for RF and AC/DC product...Read more

Interconnect Solutions

EOX Sales represents leaders in Tactical Fiber Optic, RF/Microwave, Signal and Power interconnect solutions. These solutions are used in Airborne, Shipboard, Space and Ground applications....Read more

Optical Solutions

EOX Sales represents innovators in Test, RF Over Fiber, LIDAR and Optical Interconnect solutions. Products range from Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies to EDFA’s, Delay Line solutions and Testing/Sensing and Imaging....Read more