RF/MMW Active/Passive Solutions

Atlanta Micro

  •     Miniature Filters and Filter Banks - fixed, switched, digitally tunable and analog tunable
  •     Amplifiers & Gain Blocks – low noise, flat gain, high IP3
  •     RF Switches – low loss, positive control
  •     Digital Step Attenuators – low loss, positive control
  •     Power Splitters/Combiners – broadband, miniature
  •     Miniature Tuner Modules – high performance superheterodyne tuners up to 26 GHz
  •     Custom Modules

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Exodus Advanced Communications

  • High Power Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) featuring module and system level options, LDMOS, GaN, GaAsFET discrete and Chip and Wire Hybrid technologies
  • High Power Ultra Broadband from 0.5 GHz to 26.5 GHz exceeding 500W
  • High Power Broadband  covering one octave through decades frequency ranges from 10 KHz to 24.5 GHz at power levels exceeding 500W for modules and 3KW for Systems
  • High Power Narrowband and Linear covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 45 GHz at power levels exceeding 1KW for Modules and 10KW for Systems
  • High Power Pulsed covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 12 GHz at power levels exceeding 1KW for Modules and 10 KW for systems
  • Other products available include High Power PIN diode SW’s, LNA’s and BUC’s

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  • Drop In / Surface Mount Package AVAILABLE NOW FOR Comb (Harmonic) Generators With Pre-Amplifier GCA Series Input 250 MHz and Up
  • High Power and Broadband Limiters and High Frequency Comb Generators.
  • Low Leakage Level Limiters 0.01 – 18 GHz with leakage levels as low as -10dBm
  • Broadband Low Leakage Limiters from 0.1 TO 18 GHz
  • Low noise, ultra wide-band 0.01 to 20 GHz Amplifiers
  • DTA Series Detectors with Integral Low Noise Preamplifier

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JFW Industries

  • Specialists in Attenuators & RF Switching
  • Passive RF Components
  • Test Systems & Accessories

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Lark RF Technology

  • RF Components
  • Integrated RF Microwave Assembly (IMA)
  • Multi-Fuction RF Assembly (MFA)
  • High Speed Circuit and Substrate Design and Fabrication

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RS Microwave Company, Inc

  • High quality RF & Microwave Filters - 1 MHz to 50 GHz for Military & Commerical Communications, Radar, ECM & Cellular
  • Unique Products - In-line bandpass filters with finite transmission zeroes, reduced size & wide band high power filters
  • Filters with wide passbands & stopbands (1-4 GHz passband, stopband to 20 GHz, 1 KW operation)
  • 1 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Duplexers
  • Combiners
  • Switched Filter Banks
  • RF/Microwave (MW)

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Thunderline Z

  • Leading Manufacturer of Standard and Custom Feedthrus
  • Solder Sealed Hermetic Aluminum Packages
  • Direct Fired Kovar Packages
  • Laser Sealing Services, Lidding and Component Installation

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Times Microwave Systems

PhaseTrack assemblies

  • 50 ppm phase tracking, up to 80 GHz, 1.23 ns/ft delay
  • Semi-Rigid
  • SiO2 Semi Rigid
  • Pflex

Miltech assemblies

  • Rugged, low loss
  • 18 GHz
  • Vapor sealed, braided Aramid outer jacket assemblies
  • MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104/2.
  • Lightweight and Low smoke versions available

MAXGAIN assemblies

  • Ultra-low loss
  • 50 GHz
  • Ultra-stable IL/VSWR with flexing, extremely flexible

Cable Harnesses

  • Bundled cables using M17, LMR, Low Loss Microwave, Video
  • shielding and special overbraids


  • Silverline, up to 110 GHz (VNA), phase and loss stable
  • TMTA adapters up to 18 GHz
  • Low PIM cable assemblies, jumpers and adapters, -160 dBc PIM

MIL/Tactical field deployable antenna feeder cables

  • QEAM/TCOM/LLSB RF/Microwave Connectors
  • Blind mate
  • Self-Locking
  • High Density Multi-Port
  • MMP, M8, BMA
  • 38999
  • 50 ohm, low VSWR, up to 40 GHz

Lightning and Surge Protection

  • DC-7 GHz including various band specific models
  • DC Block/Pass models
  • Low PIM options
  • Universal bulkhead flange adaptor
  • Data line over voltage, DC protection and outdoor enclosure

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