Times Microwave Systems - 5G Solutions

MaxGain® 160 Broad Bandwidth Microwave Coaxial Cable

  • Lowest IL available DC-40GHz (0.78dB/ft at 39GHz
  • Ultra Stable IL, Phase and VSWR with Flexing
  • Fire retardant jackets available
  • Extremely Flexible, Low Minimum Bend Radius


MaxGain® Broad Bandwidth Microwave Coaxial Cable K (2.92) Connectors

  • Precision “air’’ connector-suspended center pin, held in place by a perforated bead
  •   Coupling nut is the same size as a regular SMA, same torque specs (8in*lb)
  •   Works up to 40 GHz
  •   Silicone gaskets on the front and back
  •   IP67 rated for outdoor use


TFT™ Low PIM Coaxial Cables Flexible, Low PIM, Plenum Rated Jumper Cable Assemblies

  • 160 dBc PIM for optimal system performance
  • UL listed, type CMP (plenum)
  • UL file #E-170516
  • Flat Braid outer conductor construction for optimal flexibility
  • 10 Year Times Microwave Warranty